specializes in personalized, high quality nature and adventure tours for the most experienced and demanding adventure traveler.

Our main area of activities centers around "La Amistad" Biosphere Preserve, shared by Costa Rica and Panama.


Programs: CONSELVATUR offers exclusive and unique nature and adventure programs that explore "La Amistad" Biosphere Preserve in all of its majestic natural splendor and unspoiled state. We combine the most exciting rain forest activities at Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve, located in the Caribbean rain forest of Costa Rica, with the pristine and unspoiled white and golden beaches of the Bocas del Toro archipelago in Panama. Two destinations, one Biosphere Preserve in common: " La Amistad".

Attractions: In addition to the programs in "La Amistad" Biosphere Preserve, CONSELVATUR offers the opportunity to discover other hidden natural treasures, such as active volcanoes and National Parks. You can take part in adventure activities besides the ones offered at Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve, such as rafting and kayaking, or you can become actively involved with sea turtle research and conservation programs.

Conservation: Most important of all, the programs that CONSELVATUR operates are designed to promote low impact, and yet high adrenaline nature and adventure activities as a key instrument to actively support the conservation efforts within the largest protected area of Central America: "La Amistad" International Park and Biosphere Preserve.


By choosing to take part in nature and adventure tours offered by CONSELVATUR, you will play a decisive role in the challenge to conserve unspoiled natural resources and endangered species through your active support of watershed, sea turtle, wildlife and rain forest conservation !

Pure Nature - Untamed Adventure
Conservation with no Frontiers

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