Welcome to CONSELVATUR & Selva Bananito Lodge, Costa Rica.

We thank you for your interest in Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve and for choosing one of CONSELVATUR’s exclusive, specialized and low impact nature and adventure itineraries in conjunction with your fantastic adventure program at Selva Bananito !

CONSELVATUR significantly supports ‘Fundación Cuencas de Limóm’ – ‘Limón Watershed Foundation’ through income generated by our rain forest adventure activities and nature oriented tours and Rain Forest Study Programs at Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve in the province of Limón, Costa Rica.

‘Limón Watershed Foundation’ is the coordinating member of an inter- institutional commission for the protection of the ‘Bananito’, ‘Banano’ and ‘Estrella’ Rivers located in the province of Limón. Through the legal mechanisms of this special commission, ‘Limón Watershed Foundation’ has profiled itself as a regional leader in watershed conservation, namely and most importantly, in the protection of the Bananito River watershed.

The Bananito River and its watershed provide 85 % of the water consumed in the harbor city of Limón,. The conservation of this watershed will be a guarantee for the future supply of this precious liquid element. Drinking water is presently already the most scarce natural resource in the world !

CONSELVATUR also supports ‘The Endangered Wildlife Trust’ and their active Leather Back- and Green Sea- Turtle conservation programs, in addition to rain forest and wildlife conservation at ‘Pacuare Preserve’, Costa Rica.

CONSELVATUR has recently introduced and adapted its conservation concern and support of ‘ rain forest conservation through tourism’ into a broader frame and meaning. The extension of itineraries into Bocas del Toro, Panama, brings together natural attractions of un comparable beauty and
unspoiled ecological importance, uniting the interrelated mountainous primary
rain forests and the coastal marine habitats in a frame of a biosphere preserve,
which is of world importance as a natural heritage to man kind: “La Amistad”
Biosphere Preserve.

CONSELVATUR proclaims that conservation should not end at political frontiers and imaginary boarder lines between nations. Conservation should have no boarders. Thus, we choose to support ANAM ( National Authority of the Environment, Panama) by extending our SEA TURTLES program into Bocas del Toro, and giving a voluntary hand to park rangers at ‘Bastimentos Marine National Park’, assuring a higher survival rate for the sea turtle hatchlings in this area of ‘La Amistad’ Biosphere Preserve.

CONSELVATUR invites you to actively participate in ‘Rain Forest Conservation through Tourism’ through your support and conscious participation in nature and adventure itineraries as well as nature conservation tours.

We want to share our natural treasures with guests that will make a difference by consciously choosing to support any of our nature and adventure oriented programs.

As an incentive for you to participate in this enormous task, which can only be accomplished by the interest and the support of a growing number of nature and adventure lovers, we will offer a 10 % discount on all packages booked before May 2005. If you are a larger travel group of 5
or more, we will extend an even higher discount rate on all the package

When you travel, please choose wisely, please support “Rain Forest Conservation through Tourism”. Your choice in travel can make a difference !

CONSELVATUR – “Conservación de la Selva a través del Turismo” “Rain forest Conservation through Tourism” -- COSTA RICA


Pure Nature - Untamed Adventure
Conservation with no Frontiers

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