Selva Bananito: A Trek on the Wild Side by David Lorence
Costa Rica Outdoors

“Nature in the raw…Untamed tropical nirvana…Rainforest euphoria… As I search in vain for the right words to describe the magic of Selva Bananito, I begin to realise that the English language may not have sufficient horsepower to do the job…”.

Rustic Jungle Lodge makes the Best of the Best And It’s Eco-friendly by George Soriano.
The Tico Times

“But a few if any, have done it better than the owners of Selva Bananito Lodge, adjacent to La Amistad International Park on the southern Caribbean slope…Central America’s largest expanse of virgin forest. And the tasteful lodge is an oasis of comfort in otherwise rugged terrain…the brother and sister team Jurgen and Sofia Stein have created an idyllic, relaxed and eco-friendly environment in one of the richest ecological regions of the country…”

Lodge Offers Idyllic Calm, Adventurous Activities – Climb for the Highest Adrenaline Rush Ever by Elliot Greenspan.
The Tico Times

“Lodge Offers Idyllic Calm, Adventurous Activities – Climb for the Highest Adrenaline… Today Stein’s family farm is the site of Selva Bananito Lodge, a rustic luxurious, or luxuriously rustic nature lodge nestled at the edge of some of the richest Caribbean rainforest.”.

A Trip to the Beginning of Time by Ella and Wolfgang Leihner.
The Costa Rica Explorer

“I never believed time travel was possible until now. Within less than four hours from San Jose, I have journeyed in time hundreds and hundreds of years. I was transported from the modern and buzzing city of San Jose to the most dense and unexplored rainforest area in Costa Rica. I am in a hammock now overlooking the majestic and ancient primary forests of the Talamanca mountain range, and still can’t believe how the Stein family managed to build such a spacious and beautiful lodge here, at the end of the world and the beginning of paradise. I am just happy they did.”.

Grinnellians Conserve the Rain Forest by Jennifer Wolfson.
The Grinnell Magazine

“Because of the Steins’ work [Conselvatur] future generations will be able to travel to this area of Costa Rica and enjoy its mystery, serenity, and majesty. Virginia McDaniel came to Selva Bananito Lodge with plans to stay two months [as a volunteer]. She stayed six. The following is a translation from an entry she left in the lodge guest book:.

”Very shortly I felt something in my heart that wouldn’t allow me to leave. I saw people working from their souls. It wasn’t a job. No. The work was for something large than the individual, larger than a salary, larger than our economic system. It was work for the world, work to preserve a portion of the wilderness…”

Pure Nature - Untamed Adventure
Conservation with no Frontiers

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