We invite you to find out why "Frommers Travel Guide to Costa Rica includes us as one the 10 best wilderness and eco lodges in Costa Rica:

Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve located in the Caribbean province of
Limon, Costa Rica, offers a variety of unique and high adrenaline rain
forest adventure activities in an unspoiled and pristine natural surrounding.

Should you rather be interested in absolute relaxation or less adventurous activities, such as bird watching, reading the book you did not have time for, or the hardest activity of all, resting in a hammock on the veranda of your cabin and overlooking the majestic beauty of Selva Bananito Preserve, there is no other place more quiet, more peaceful or more beautiful to do so !

Selva Bananito Preserve with an extension of over 2200 acres of primary rain forest boarders directly with 'La Amistad International Park' and is part of 'La Amistad Biosphere Preserve', the largest conservation area of Central America, shared by Costa Rica and Panama. Selva Bananito Preserve is the most important direct watershed of the Bananito River, which supplies 85 % of the potable water to the harbor city of Limon.

The income generated by our nature and adventure programs at Selva Bananito, together with our Rain forest Study Programs, significantly support 'Fundacion Cuencas deLimon', -- Limon Watershed Foundation --, which has become a regional leader in watershed conservation in the province of Limon..

At Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve you will have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of our tropical humid rainforest preserve while trekking and exploring one of the most spectacular primary rain forests in Costa Rica.
At Selva Bananito Preserve you can cool off under one of our many cascades, or if you prefer, you can rappel down a gorgeous waterfall ! Would you like to explore the canopy while climbing up a Kapok tree, which is over 200 feet tall ?

Spending the night on our platform and wakening up to the sounds of the rain forest covered in early morning mist while observing the canopy has a spiritual element and a magic of its own ! Take a horseback tour and learn about low impact tropical agriculture and watershed management and conservation while taking our tour through the farm, Or, if you prefer, gallop along our pastures and then venture into the jungle during our adventure horseback tour !

Located adjacent to "Parque Internacional La Amistad", and being part of "La Amistad" Biosphere Preserve, the most important and largest natural corridor and conservation area in Central America, which at the same time is considered one of the three most important bird migration habitats in the world, Reserva Selva Bananito offers outstanding bird watching opportunities. The raptor migration, together with the one of smaller species of birds starts in mid - March , north bound, and mid - October, south bound. At Selva Bananito you can observe over 300 species of birds !

Selva Bananito Lodge is the only rainforest lodge in Costa Rica that has been built with "recycled" woods.
Rather than building the cabins closer to, or in the rain forest, we purposefully erected them in an area that had already been altered by human activity almost 100 years ago.
We have our own private preserve. We keep the number of visitors that enter the Preserve within strict limits at any given time. We heat our water with solar energy
We only use biodegradable soaps, and treat our used waters with special enzymes and decomposition bacteria. We make it safe for the environment, because water " lilies" clean our ecology friendly used waters We do not disrupt our environment with noisy and polluting generators. We prefer to enjoy dinners in the light of candles !

And most important of all: we support Foundación cuencas de Limón, Limón Watershed Foundation

We invite you to find out more about Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve !
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